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It is believed that the cherry is a fruit native to Mesopotamia. He was held in high esteem and by doctors of ancient Greece for its cleansing properties.
It is considered a good source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which makes already in an excellent antioxidant. But what really distinguishes it as a protective food against cancer is ellagic acid content, a substance that inhibits the replication of cancer cells.

Black cherries contain more iron, magnesium and potassium than other varieties clearer, but all are a good source of silicon and provitamin A (beta-carotene).

Daily consumption of cherries helps reduce blood levels of uric acid, which can avoid the drop.

Eating the pulp or the juice of small fruit belonging to the family of peaches can be of great benefit to the health of people, especially those who are affected by arthritis. Through specific treatments may be an important antioxidant and can be used to delay aging

With a tasty pulp, juicy and refreshing, Cherry is a fruit that originated in Asia Minor and is the youngest of a family relative (Prunus) of tasty fruit and fleshy large bone, such as peach, apricot and plum.

Like many other fruits that offers the wisdom of nature for its inhabitants, cherry also contains important healing properties, including analgesic effect is the most characteristic.

But not everyone will cause the same effects or have the same answer. Some appreciate a relief in a few days, whereas others do not notice anything until it’s been three or four weeks consuming them regularly.

Patients who can benefit most from the cherries are experiencing excessive uric acid swollen and deformed joints. This type of arthritis, affects mainly older people whose livers, in certain circumstances (excess meat in the diet, for example), generating too much uric acid and are unable to eliminate it.

That cherries help eliminate uric acid has been known for centuries by nutritionists, or gave you a reputation as a tonic food. The great Swedish botanist Linnaeus treated his uric acid attacks with cherries.

The resulting effective dose was recorded in a study of 1950: Eat 15 to 25 cherries or drinking the juice daily reduces uric acid levels in the blood and prevent attacks effectively. Since then many studies have been published that confirm the effectiveness of treatment.

Fiber and potassium (210 mg per 100 g) of the cherry promote circulation and removing intestinal fluids, which ensures drainage of the urinary and digestive system. For the same reason prevent the formation of kidney stones and gallstones.

The purification capacity of cherries used to justify detoxifying effect cures. These may be more or less stringent: from a breakfast consisting minicura only cherries (starts with 100 gr., And daily ration is increased to 500 gr, into three doses throughout the morning) to a unique cure , which involves eating only cherries for three or four days, at the rate of two or more kilos daily.

The deep red cherries gives them an attractive appearance and is also responsible for some of its many health benefits.

This colorful intensity is due to anthocyanins, a high antioxidant flavonoids, which in them is more concentration than any other fruit, with 25 mg per 100 g.

Cherries anthocyanins are able to inhibit cyclooxygenase-action defining its antioxidant, more effective than vitamin E.

Cherry juice also contains powerful antioxidants and anti-aging virtues, because it has 10 times more melatonin than whole fruit.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland at night, which is involved in the regulation of sleep and body temperature. It is also a potent antioxidant and some experts believe that, taken in supplement form, is the most effective substance that exists to delay aging.

Eating cherries may be a way to get an extra dose of melatonin, safe, particularly in the juice.

Variety of uses

As we have seen, cherries prevent and relieve the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism in general, because they reduce uric acid levels in the blood, but its health benefits do not end there. The fruit also beneficial for many other ailments.

As low calorie (59 per 100g), satiating fiber and diuretic agents are recommended for people who want to lose weight.
Arteriosclerosis sufferers benefit from its antioxidant and cleansing.
The diuretic and laxative virtues of cherries favor people with constipation or tendency to retain fluids.
His iron (0.4 mg/100 g) makes them effective for people with anemia.
Consumption is also recommended in case of hypertension and cardiac and renal patients. For kidney colic teas can be made with cherry stalks taken before each meal.
Spinach salad with fresh cherries

12 large leaves 400g baby spinach. 350g cherry. cottage cheese 2 red apples 200g. Cooked sweet corn 50 grams. alfalfa sprouts chopped chives 2 tablespoons sesame oil.

Wash the spinach leaves and cut into thick strips. In apples, hearts were removed without peeling, crazing to medium pieces are. With the help of a boning bones are extracted cherries ensuring that these remain whole. Mix all these ingredients together with alfalfa and corn. They put in a bowl wide. It is flavored with a dash of sesame oil.

Finally, crumble the cheese with your fingers, add to the salad and sprinkle with chopped chives.

In the kitchen is useful and decorative

For its juiciness and striking color, cherries are excellent for all types of preparations, because they bring freshness and joy to any dish in which they are present and also a decorative and useful in the kitchen.

The sweeter varieties are ideal for taking it to natural as desktop fruit, because they lose much of their flavor if cooked. This variety is also very appropriate for summer salads or for the preparation of colorful salads. With the most neutral, can be made cakes, sorbets mausses and soft and refreshing flavors.

The more acidic, such as cherries, are suitable for cooking, sauces and canning and jams.

This fruit goes well with sweet spices, such as cinnamon, vanilla or cloves, and also with citrus in general.

Combined with chocolate is a treat, as demonstrated in the classic German black forest cake. In the kitchen can also be prepared vegetarian delicious recipes, with a unique touch bittersweet, just stewing with onions, cherries, raisins and good vinegar.

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