Benefits of orange

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Oranges are one of the best valued fruits, as their properties and benefits are actually multiple. Since its antioxidant and high in vitamin C, to its fiber content, the help of this fruit to the daily diet of a person, can be very varied and useful.

Orange Properties These are the main benefits and properties of orange:
Oranges have in their composition with a large amount of minerals and vitamins. Stand calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, the pair of vitamins such as A, B, G and especially C.
Orange Having a good amount of citric acid, they have a good power disinfectant and antimicrobial cleanser. Moreover, mineral salts are perfect to balance the body’s nutrients.
Orange helps cleanse the liver and kidneys. It has a mild diuretic effect, thus reinforcing its purification capacity and helps with fluid removal.
By having a good action on the digestive system, debug and also have fiber, oranges to lose weight can be a good ally. Helps to expel toxins, fats and cholesterol in feces and urine.
Due to its high content of vitamin C, orange is perfect for colds, flu and other disorders that need to have the immune system to stop.
Oranges have good antioxidant capacity, so they are good to prevent aging and prevent cancer.

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