Fruits and health

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Fruits and health: The importance of eating fruits
In a lot of scientific studies have concluded that there is a significant relationship between high consumption of fruits and a lower incidence of disease. Therefore, fruits and health seem to be two words that get along very well.A healthy habit for our body is to start the morning with a fruit, either eating it in parts or in natural juice. Fruits contain high amounts of water, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and fiber, allowing us to better hydration, cleansing and revitalizing our body.
Another important advantage of the fruit is eaten raw, taking advantage of all its nutrients. They are low in calories and cholesterol lack would enhance the immune system regulation. Its detoxifying properties are important, stimulating the liver and kidney function.

On the other hand, the energy value of the fruit is generally low, but increases with maturation. This is due to its high water content, which can reach 90%. In their vast majority, have minimal amounts of fat.

Also, the sour taste of the fruit is also another feature, as it contains just organic acids that are essential nutrients for our body. Worth to note that none of these acids is harmful to the body for operating or stomach.

Naturista Alfonso Martinez

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