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The consequences of not taking care of the liver include obesity, an increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, allergies and many other evils. And although the immune system protects our body from many dangers, it is the liver that protects the immune system from overload.

That’s what Dr. Sandra Cabot says in its latest and innovative book, “The Liver Cleansing Diet” (The Liver Cleansing Diet). The following is an abbreviated version of his testimony on how to take care of this vital organ based on an eating plan to cleanse and revitalize the liver.


Many people struggle throughout his life, against overweight and against a sluggish metabolism, realizing that as they age, they gain weight gradually and are resigned to having a large abdomen and bulky and deposits stubborn fat. After years following diets believe that since there is nothing that leads to lasting relief. Obviously something is wrong and something is missing.
It took more than 20 years of medical practice I realized the solution. The liver, the supreme organ of metabolism, has to be the missing key. It seemed so simple and yet so amazing, why anyone in medicine has had this happen before?

Modern medicine has strayed from the main topic, in that it treats the symptoms of the disease and not the causes. Being overweight is a symptom of liver malfunction and not just because of the number of calories you eat. The medicine has failed to address the underlying causes of liver malfunction and certainly has ignored the hardest working organ of the body, with disastrous consequences.

My theory that the liver is the key to weight control has been claimed by every 1,540 patients I have treated since 1994 with my program to improve liver function. The success rate, measured by the standards of weight loss and general welfare, has been 100% in all the patients I have treated.

As a medical student, I spent many hours with leading naturopathic doctors. I thought I had a lot to teach and patient waiting list was always long, with cases where other doctors had not been able to help. The first thing I learned was the tremendous importance of the liver. Naturopathic Doctors examined, in all patients, the Liver through iridology, acupuncture, pulse techniques and patient history. In most cases, there was a liver problem, and this correction was always a vital step in your healing program. Liver treated with dietary changes and specific herbs and in cases more toxic, with fasting programs.

I realized that to regain good health must always consider the condition of the liver. Still, my career took me in other areas of medicine, and the importance of considering the liver was gradually relegating my subconscious. Fortunately, one day I remembered to remove a leaf from the book of this old wisdom naturopath.

Often difficult to see people who have been chronically ill or obese for years, and everyone is fascinated to know how the liver has the key to losing weight and balance the metabolism.

The liver is the main organ responsible for consuming body fat. Following Liver Cleansing Diet metabolism will improve by leaps and bounds and will start to burn fat. Conversely, eating what should not be, the liver will produce more fat, and thus continue to store. What matters greatly is not how much you eat but what you eat. With Liver Cleansing Diet give your liver a good sigh of relief and continue happily with his job regulating metabolism and fat intake. Then the process starts weight loss naturally and without excessive effort on your part. You will not need to count calories or weigh every morsel of food annoyingly that leads to the mouth, and even better, you will never go hungry.

Symptoms of liver irritated

Mild symptoms are detectable liver dysfunction even when blood test results are normal. The analysis normally carried out by doctors to check the status of the liver are not very accurate as they check the liver damage rather than function.
Characteristic symptoms of poor liver function are:

Poor digestion, bloating, nausea especially after fatty foods, increase in volume around the abdomen and constipation. Irritable bowel syndrome, associated with bloating and flatulence often due to poor liver function. Getting up in the morning with bad breath and / or spotted tongue, are definitely signs that show that your liver needs help.
Unpleasant mood swings, depression, brain fog and difficulty in concentration and memory. If the liver works hard, excessive amounts of toxic agents step towards open the bloodstream and can affect brain function.
Allergic conditions such as fever, hives, rashes and asthma.
Headaches. Unfortunately, pain killers may worsen the liver as this is the body responsible for breaking the structure of all drugs.
High blood pressure and / or fluid retention. This may be difficult to control by medical therapy. I could see how the Liver Cleansing Diet low blood pressure levels to completely normal levels without the need for any medication.
Hypoglycemia or level of unstable blood sugar. An irritated liver can cause unexpected fluctuations in the level of blood sugar, being a low glucose level causing fatigue, dizziness, light-headedness and need to consume sugar.
Inability to tolerate fatty foods, diseases and stones in the gallbladder. If power is too much saturated fat liver or in poor condition, it will try to expel them out of the body through the bile flows into the gallbladder and then the small intestine. This will raise the cholesterol in bile and may result in gallstones (made of hardened cholesterol) and inflammation of the gallbladder. If the liver does not work effectively, not produce enough bile salts to maintain biliary cholesterol in solution and then produce gallstones.
Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. When those with fatigue can not find a cause for his illness, in 99% of such cases I find they are eating too much saturated fat and shabby and not enough vegetables and fruit.
Excessive body temperature, which may be associated with sweating or heavy sweating.
Low tolerance to alcohol and some medications such as antibiotics.
The Twelve Essential Principles to Improve Liver Function

ONE. – Listen to your body. Do not eat when not hungry. Instead take a fresh juice, a fruit, a small salad and a glass of water. Similarly, if you do not go hungry appetite. Many people plan their schedules around the clock food and eat well for example at 8:00 am, 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm., Rain or shine, with or without appetite. It is much healthier set your meal times around your appetite and giving short shrift to the clock. If you have the habit of eating at regular times when you’re not hungry, your liver work too much and basically suffer with excessive busyness.
DOS. – Drink 8 to 12 glasses of mineral water as it helps to cleanse the liver and kidneys and lose weight. The body needs frequent small sips of water, otherwise cells shrink membrane from dehydration and dried. People who do not drink water at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Avoid large amounts of liquid during meals.

THREE. – Avoid eating large amounts of sugar, especially refined sugar, since the liver will convert fat and cholesterol. Fat may be causing degeneration of organs or can be transported to areas such as the thighs, buttocks and abdomen for storage. There will come a time when blood triglycerides are too high and this is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Avoid all artificial sweeteners as they are toxic to the liver and cause hypoglycemia and fatigue. If you need something sweet, take fresh fruit, candied fruit, honey or molasses.

FOUR. – Do not obsess measuring calories. If you follow the meal plans and foods Liver Cleansing Diet gradually improve your liver and thus weight loss.

It’s a lot more people die from eating excessive zeal. So let’s get into the habit of eating less once the appetite has been sated.

Ignore the bathroom scale since the goal is to clean the body and rejuvenate the entire metabolism, not just lose weight. The weight loss will come hand in hand with the improvement of liver function. Why bother looking at how fast or how slow the body loses weight?

FIVE. – Avoid foods to which you may be allergic to or that you know from past experience that upset you.

Chew your food slowly and thoroughly, since digestion begins with saliva when it is mixed with food in your mouth.

As you age, the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is often inadequate for the efficient digestion of proteins. This can be solved by drinking a glass of water containing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with every meal (containing protein).

SIX. – Pay attention to good intestinal health since the liver must filter and destroy any bacteria and viruses present in the food.

Too many harmful organisms, such as salmonella and shigella bacteria can harm us seriously and even permanently damage the liver. To reduce this risk, eat foods that are fresh, and prevents overheating regular food as a good breeding ground for bacteria are cooked foods, especially meat. No hot food never more than once. And always wash your hands before eating.

Many packaged and processed foods are full of preservatives, and still contain harmful organisms dormant. As soon as they reach the intestine food preservatives disappear and the virus begins to grow in the intestine. Especially avoid canned meats.

SEVEN. – Do not eat when you feel tense or anxious because during these states the bloodstream is diverted from the intestines and liver to other body areas.

EIGHT. – Checks if near your area you can buy fresh organic produce and free of pesticides. If you eat eggs and chicken, which are always flocks.

Buy products that contain natural ingredients and avoid processed foods that contain artificial chemicals such as preservatives, colorings, flavorings and artificial sweeteners.

NINE. – Get different protein sources, including legumes. The Liver Cleansing Diet contains some chicken (preferably poultry), fish and eggs [this is to provide newcomers to Healthy Living with a transition state – Editor.] However there are many dishes in which protein was obtained from legumes, grains, cereals, nuts and seeds. Class proteins from the combination of these sources are as complete as the animal proteins and contain eight essential amino acids.

Legumes are beans (such as soy bean or beans, etc..), Peas, chickpeas and lentils, which provide valuable protein, essential fatty acids, fiber, plant hormones, minerals and vitamin B.

If you are too busy to cook beans, you can buy canned, there are a variety to choose from. If canned beans contain too much salt and sugar before use acláralas with water.

Seeds – flax, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin, all are excellent sources of essential fatty acids, proteins, plant hormones and fiber.

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats and should be eaten fresh and raw only. If they were peeled and exposed to air for a long time its oil will have become stale. Buy nuts packaged with an expiration date or nuts in the shell.

TEN. – Choose either the bread and filling. It is important to eat only good quality bread in the Liver Cleansing Diet.

Go to a natural food store and buy bread that contains no artificial substances. If you have IBS, milled flour bread consumed as it has a fine texture, and is free of small pimples.

Try different varieties of bread to reduce allergies, try the rye, wheat, corn, oats, barley and others that can be found in natural food stores. For something lighter, try rice crackers, rye or pita bread without yeast. If you are allergic to yeast, eat unleavened bread or a loaf of sour dough.

During Liver Cleansing Diet is very important to avoid margarine and / or butter, if you need something to spread on the bread using fresh avocado, hummus or tahini.

ONCE. – Avoid constipation by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking water throughout the day. Avoiding constipation avoid the growth of unwanted organisms in the large intestine. To increase the amount of acidophilus and other lactobacilli bacteria, can be consumed in the form of soy yoghurt or powder.

TWELVE. – Avoid saturated fats in disrepair. These unhealthy fats can damage the liver with characteristic changes of a “liver obese” similar to that of alcohol consumers.

Many people concerned about their online try to diet completely free of fat, though, if this is practiced for more than four weeks, symptoms begin to appear fatty acid deficiency. Moreover, liver function and metabolism will slow down and lead to easy weight gain.

Symptoms of fatty acid deficiency include dry and itchy skin, eczema, hair loss, joint pain, reduced fertility, increased distraction, depression and memory loss, slow metabolic rate with weight gain, reduced immune function , hormonal imbalance, liver degeneration, fatigue, circulatory problems, degenerative diseases, aging and advancement of high percentage of triglycerides.

I see hundreds of obese and many do not eat excessive calories, your problem is due only to the consumption of fat wrong. The liver is the main organ responsible for consuming the body fat and if thou assaulting with fats in disrepair will be unable to perform its metabolic functions and your overall metabolism will slow down. Consequently, you will gain weight easily, especially around the abdominal area.

Simply put, we could say that a healthy liver pumps fat out of the body keeping you slim.

Poor eating habits for the liver cause an imbalance in the production of lipoproteins from the liver, that way you will have too many low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein insufficient (HDL). This will increase the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure.

The type of fat we eat daily is important for health and longevity and have more influence than anything else on liver function and weight.

Watch the oils.

Dietary oils we will care if we look after them, reducing their exposure to heat, air or light. The natural oils such as those found in fish, seeds, nuts, avocados, olives and vegetables are protected from light, air and heat through the skin and coat and shells that are fresher and healthier than the versions bottled. Anyway, for seasoning salads, fried light, etc.., Ideally consume unrefined oil that has been cold pressed and stored in dark glass bottles to protect it from light. Keep it in the refrigerator. Virgin olive oil is readily available and is a good choice as it is cold pressed and has not been heated, refined or bleached with lye.
Natural Therapies for the Liver

People whose liver often works with difficulty metabolizing fats and bad may have high cholesterol. The psylio is a rich source of soluble fiber that is surely the best available cholesterol-lowering fiber. Psylio is advised at the beginning of meals.


The dandelion root has been used for liver and bile complaints for centuries. Since the sixteenth century the Germans have used Dandelion extended to ‘clean the blood’ and liver congestion. It has been used as herbal medicine for centuries in China, India and Nepal for liver ailments. Today it is widely used as a tonic for the liver in North America, Australia, Middle East and Europe. It is really a universal grass.

Although the specific action Dandelion is in the liver, is also a general tonic for the body, laxative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, bitter tonic and tonic vesicular.

The Dandelion leaves can be eaten fresh in salads, and Dandelion root powder is a component of liver tonic powder to mix with juices. The dried herb can be taken in capsule form. The dosage varies between 500 and 2000 mg per day. You can also buy tea and coffee Dandelion or make your own drinks.


This herb is known as a traditional liver tonic for centuries and has resulted in over 100 scientific research publications, and a symposium on its healing properties. Also known as milk thistle or milk thistle.

The St. Mary’s Thistle has multiple actions: protecting and regenerating the liver, anti-hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It has been found that this herb is able to reduce the degeneration of liver toxic fats and also helps to repair and regenerate liver cells that have been damaged.

The St. Mary’s Thistle can be taken in capsules containing dry grass or as a component of liver tonics powder to mix with juices. Doses varying from 500 to 2000 mg. daily.


The artichoke is a bitter tonic and restorative protective functions of the liver. Has also been used as blood purifying. You can swallow capsules as dry grass or as a powder component of liver tonic to mix with juices. Amounts ranging from 300 to 500 mg. daily.


The American elm powder forms a protective layer on surfaces inflamed and ulcerated mucosa is therefore useful against gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Such problems are common in people with liver disorders intoxicated and bile production. It can be mixed with juice or both as an ingredient liver tonic. Doses ranging between 150 and 1000 mg per day but may be consumed, without any danger, as necessary.

They recommended or Food Ingredients Food for the Liver

The best vegetables for the liver are the carrots and beets because they contain antioxidants including beta-carotene, other carotenoids and flavonoids that give color healing to these vegetables. These vegetables antioxidants have a healing and cleansing effect on the liver.
Lecithin helps the liver metabolize fats and reduces cholesterol.

Alfalfa and barley leaves the liver give an injection of chlorophyll which acts both as a tonic, as liver cleanser.

Choose a good tonic for the liver.

Today there are many liver tonics on the market. It is not good to consume herbal tinctures contain alcohol because this is not good for the liver. I prefer to use dried herbs mixed with powdered mint leaves to give it a pleasant and refreshing taste.
There are some excellent tonics on the market, in the form of powder, containing mixtures of psylio, dandelion, milk thistle, artichoke, American elm sapwood, lecithin, barley leaves, carrot powder and alfalfa powder. They can be mixed with fresh juices.

The above is a summary of the first part of the book by Dr. Cabot. The following 100 pages are devoted to eight weeks Eating Plan for Liver Cleansing Diet and recipes that come with the meal plan.
The meal plan is divided into three sections:

Section 1 – The first two weeks
Section 2 – The four intervening weeks
Section 3 – The last two weeks
The “delicious recipes” are listed under the headings:

Healthy incoming creams and pâtés
Soups and sauces
Drinks and Shakes
Healthy spreads
First courses
The recipes are made with natural ingredients and are low in calories. Moreover, all unhealthy fats have been removed or damaged.
There are a variety of recipes vegetarian / vegan to choose. Some recipes contain fish, chicken and eggs, these are included as options for those who are making the transition from an orthodox diet.

Plantas medicinales

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