Properties and benefits of passion fruit or passion fruit

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Properties and benefits of passion fruit or passion fruit

Passion fruit, also known as passion fruit, is one of those fruits absolutely typical of Central America. Its flavor is tropical from the start, but with a bittersweet touch that fits him perfectly. In addition, this plant has very different properties to its credit.

Benefits usually passion fruit, passion fruit or passion fruit, had been owned by Central American countries in all its uses. But little by little, this fruit was across borders and taking over the world. Today, it is used in sweet cooking settles from all over the world and consumed in different variants to exploit its excellent properties.

From the family of Passiflora, the passion fruit is a kind of grenade, with the best within its interior. With a viscous core, notably aromatic (in fact, used in aromatic essences) and bittersweet, in that kind of gelatin is the very essence of passion fruit.

When talking about its benefits and its composition, this is a fruit that contains water, fibers, abundant caloric value of various types vitamins and minerals such as potassium or phosphorus. In turn, the passion fruit is relaxing, digestive, vasodilator, used to lose weight and contains antioxidant polyphenols, among other great properties.

But the good thing also is that it is a quite versatile fruit for culinary preparations. In fact, you can integrate both an exquisite mousse as a sauce for fish. Would you be interested to see how the passion fruit is used in savory dishes? In this video you will see a delicious fish recipe sauce passion fruit.

Naturista Alfonso Martinez

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