Get rid of foot odor

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Foot odor is a problem, it is frustrating. Especially for those who have spent long periods of walking and shoe use. Fortunately, simple steps can eliminate foot odor. 

Foot odor treatment at a glance: 

1 – Wash feet 

Silt washing with soap and antibacterial toes (anti-bacterial) 

Complete drying of the skin (the hair dryer can be used) 

2 – type of dress socks and feet 

Wearing socks absorb moisture and change them frequently 

Wearing shoes that vesicular transport air in it. 

Shoes to be released in 24 hours. 

3 – Use of certain drugs 

Materials antiperspirant can reduce moisture and sweat. 

And keep soaking the foot in tea may help. 

Use benzoyl peroxide gel 5% or 10% may reduce bacteria. 

4 – solution: 

Solution (aluminum chloride Hexa Hydrate 20%) during sleep 

2% erythromycin or clindamycin 1% solution twice a day 

5 – When the other therapies we use? 

If after a few weeks of use of the above failures encountered. 

If the skin changes associated with foot odor. 

“The cause and origin of foot odor.” 

Most trace of bacteria in the dirty feet can be seen. Warm and humid inside the shoes, especially athletic shoes on the feet will strengthen the growth of bacteria. Two most common causes of foot odor and bacteria are Successful treatment of foot odor eradication of these organisms depend. This means that the lifter material such as activated charcoal odor foot inside the shoe or foot powder to tackle the problem can not be radically. 

“Effective remedies” 

Various home remedies that can help to reduce the growth of bacteria on the feet. 

The most practical and most accessible work that can destroy foot odor is warm and humid conditions to avoid the growth of good bacteria. 

Socks should be cotton (cotton), or other materials be made attractive content and change frequently you an extra pair of socks for work or school, you can change it during the day. 

Always use socks when wearing shoes. 

The shoes should not have a noticeable odor, although they are washable. 

Instead of making shoes with shoes that allow air to pass through them in 24 hours (the slippers), but the possibility exists. Select shoe breathe! Or air is able to enter and leave the building materials, but this depends on the shoe. Leather is usually capable of. 

Sweating and foot odor foot may be dipped in the black tea daily which contains tannic acid decreased. Some people, after 7 to 10 days using this method have reported improved considerably. 

If these methods fail to smell after a few weeks it is time to see your doctor to check Paralympic he can prescribe stronger medications. This is one of the most effective aluminum chloride Hexa Hydrate 20 (Drysol) is. First 3 to 7 times per night to be used on the legs. Sweaty feet until considerably reduced and then it is repeated 1 to 3 times a week. 

To apply a skin lotion in the morning may help reduce the effects of stimulants and irritants drysol. 

Another way to reduce sweating is to use electricity. In this mechanism, a low flow of electricity through the skin and can effectively reduce sweating. Present invention stops sweating for weeks. 

Antibiotic treatment failures in cases where exposure is to be used. 

Solution of 2% erythromycin or 1% clindamycin are effective in removing odor producing bacteria and can be used in the morning or at bedtime. 


Athlete’s foot is a common infection by bacteria and requires more aggressive treatments that may be different antibiotics.

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