Properties of dandelion flowers

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Properties of dandelion flowers

Dandelion flower collecting messages implying that prior to treatment is prevention. Properties of the plant to prevent
* Incidence of urinary tract stones
* Recurrent rheumatic
* Update Arthritis
Is effective.

(Composite Aseraceae)

The plant is herbaceous, perennial root vertical with white inner and outer segments are dark brown and contains latex.color remains.

Weed plants were collected in the autumn.

Temperate regions of the northern and southern hemispheres
It is found scattered in the weeds.
Part used:
Vogel plant roots

Taraksasyn Taraxacin, terpenoids more Triterpenoids and sterols Phytoestrogens Phytosterols are the main ingredients.

Increase the production of bile: increased production of bile excretion and prevent new stones are small stones.

Increased urinary excretion, leading to a mild increase in the amount of urine and prevent stone formation in the urinary system stones are small.

Appetizer: appetizer can be improved by increasing bile.

Improve the performance of the cell: dandelion flower True anti dyscrative agent is an anti Dyskratyk real. Therefore, the treatment of chronic diseases as regulators of cellular metabolic activity are used.

Anti-arthritis: it reduces the risk of recurrence and speed will improve arthritis symptoms.

Anti-Arthritis: Prevention and treatment of joint inflammation caused by arthritis can lead to disease and treatment can help improve a person’s life.

Laxatives: increasing the amount of bile excreted from the bowel, leading to increased bowel activity increases.

Gallstones: by increasing the production of bile to prevent stone formation.

Kidney stones: with increased urinary stone formation and prevention is growing.

Rheumatic symptoms: early spring and autumn with its use in rheumatoid arthritis symptoms can be prevented.

Arthritis updated: intercellular performance improvement can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.

Constipation increases bile exerts its laxative effects. {(Oral) Auxiliary}

Gallstones: If they can make their Disposal is the smallest rocks. {(Oral) Auxiliary}

Urolithiasis in small stone expulsion is effective. {(Oral) Auxiliary}

Indigestion with increased production of bile to help digest the food better. {(Oral) Auxiliary}

Rheumatism: the improvement of the cell intercellular reducing waste and other waste from the body by increasing bile {increase (improve digestion and relieve constipation) and increased urination (passing toxins in the body) to} symptoms Rheumatism ( pain. joint stiffness and joint destruction) and the recurrence rate is reduced. {(Oral) of the auxiliary}

Arthritis: Arthritis is the end result of the above mechanisms. {(Oral) Auxiliary}

Anorexia: increasing bile production and improves appetite. {Oral) Auxiliary}

Infections, urinary tract infections, is effective in increasing urine output improve faster. {(Oral) Auxiliary}

Contraindications and precautions:
Stones urinary tract stones larger than 5 mm in the case or there is an abnormality in the urinary tract [horseshoe kidney. Urethral plugs. Abnormal narrowing of the ureteropelvic junction can increase the risk of urinary bladder] because it increases the blockage and damage to the kidneys should be taken under medical supervision.

Gallstone in cases where there is a large rock or disorders by increasing bile duct obstruction and jaundice and infection probably increases is therefore contraindicated.

Gallbladder in Acute Cholecystitis Acute infections are absolute contraindications.

In patients who have IBS irritable bowel disease, ulcers or inflammation caused by irritant effects on the gastrointestinal mucosa is contraindicated.

In cases where there is intestinal obstruction due to laxative effects herb is contraindicated.

Those plants in the Asteraceae (daisies. Yarrow. Always a mountain spring) are sensitivity is contraindicated.

Drug Interactions
* Lithium Lithium combined with effects due to increased urinary excretion of sodium, lithium toxicity has resulted in the collection of plants combined is prohibited.

* Use with diuretics are used to treat high blood pressure and may increase the effects of blood pressure medications are.

* In patients taking antihypertensive medication because dandelion flower preservative is potassium in the body can increase the risk of malignant potassium in the presence of drugs, ACEI, s (Captopril Captopril Enalapril Enalapril) will intensify.

* Due to the effects of vitamin K in plant Warfarin Warfarin reduced the risk of blood clots increases.

Use during pregnancy:
Due to the lack of sufficient data on high risk pregnancy is contraindicated.
Intake during lactation:
Due to the lack of adequate studies done with caution. / health

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