Amino acids and Proteins

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Amino acids and Proteins


Histidine protein has a critical role in the metabolic process. The
amino acid levels in the urine indicates the overall status of the
musculoskeletal system. Low levels of histidine is in close contact with rheumatoid arthritis.

Athletes of the widely arginine as a growth hormone releasing substance that its usefulness is currently controversial. No one so far has not consistently demonstrated a small increase in the levels of growth hormone anabolic (tissue-building) is considerable. Obese people use anabolic Azarzhynyn as public so that it often results in high levels of ammonia toxicity in the body is found in the urine of heavy users. Formation of urea from ammonia consumption of protein or amino acids may be added. In this case, the low protein diet with plenty of water is recommended.

Glycine is the smallest amino acid and nitrogen sources to make non-essential amino acids. It also plays an important role in building red blood cells. The use of glycine in a controlled clinical depression. As glucose is needed to RNA and DNA. Creatinine
Muscle energy is a major source of glycine synthesis is required. The main symptoms are lack of energy, loss of glycine.

Low levels of lysine loss and muscle protein synthesis and collagen formation takes Tsyr. Lysine and Vitamin C together with L-carnitine, which is able to use oxygen to muscle cells. The effect of lysine to a person  for endurance sports has become.
Proline Like lysine is involved in collagen formation. High levels of the amino acid proline in the urine is indicative of tissue damage.

The main component of cystine in tissue antioxidant systems, although its antioxidant function in the body is still in the theoretical stage. According to this theory, small chemical molecules and toxic free radicals from the body through breathing or eating, or they can be built into the body. These materials are destroying cells and tissues and cause premature aging, loss of strength and energy and delay wound healing. It is these materials that radicals or atoms combine with oxygen called free radicals targeted leads. In fact, the antioxidant is a substance that accelerates healing, reduces pain and inflammation, delay aging, reduce inflammation and enhance tissue injury is.

Glutamic acid
Glutamic acid is an important energy production. Vitamin B6 and niacin, (B3) and magnesium acts.

Alanine is an energy generator and also helps to regulate blood sugar. Branched chain amino acids are alanine in muscle and exercise is made, and when the urine is released. The chronic shortage of amino acids and glucose to the muscles atrophy, but with the use of supplements containing branched chain amino acid that is preventable.

Serine is converted to cystine in the body is important in cellular energy production. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter involved in memory is required for the synthesis of serine. An amino acid that is essential in the Ser  is made. In addition to serine deficiency of vitamin supplements must B6, magnesium and phosphorus may be used.

Over-threonine, L-Arginine as noted in the high production of urea and ammonia toxicity is consequently. Threonine order to be used effectively, the Vitamin B6, magnesium, and niacin are needed. Serine and glycine, both of these amino acids can be made. Its deficiency is a cause of energy loss.


Dl-phenylalanine phenylalanine form Is active and is used to treat depression, and reduce pain.

Tryptophan causes the secretion of a neurotransmitter in the brain called serotonin is. So a very effective sedative agent. In addition to serotonin and helps to reduce the effects of stress and depression is directly involved in regulating daily biological .

Aspartic acid
Aspartic acid in the conversion of carbohydrate into glucose and then glycogen is the main source of energy, is important.

Essential amino acids are:, lysine, , arginine (essential for children and athletes), valine, phenylalanine, leucine, tryptophan,  histidine (essential for children and athletes).

Non-essential amino acids include glycine, alanine, serine, cysteine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, , beta hydroxy glutamic acid, cystine, tyrosine, proline, and hydroxyproline.
Protein can not be made unless all the amino acids needed by the body are present. In fact, all amino acids must be present at the site of protein synthesis. If the time required
Some amino acids are stored or whether or not they were destroyed by the liver and are converted into energy or fat.
It is clear that amino acids and a powerful influence on the general health of our body’s ability to leave. The process is essentially the amino acids your body can handle. Because this process is timely and appropriate amino acids to function properly should be. For example, the amino acid methionine, vitamin B6 and magnesium is dependent on the adequate amounts of vitamin B6 and magnesium to the body when there is no methionine process will not work. Use of amino acid supplement for any athlete who wants to reach peak physical ability than adults to young adults and athletes require more amino acids are essential. However, the amino acids can not be used this way. Chemical reactions in the body has a delicate balance. What I do not like a professional athlete.
Currently, few laboratories can determine the level of amino acids in the body. This is done through a urine test. Urine samples will be tested and thus do not require the athlete to be out of the house. If the results of blood tests, urine tests doctors use to be parsed. However, urine is preferred although urine is a metabolic end product.

These are the most important type of food. Proteins are very important in the construction of body cells. On the other hand the reaction of all the enzymes in the body are made of protein. Virtually all of the growth and repair of body is done by proteins.

Proteins are made of amino acid composition. There are two types of amino acids:
1 – non-essential amino acid that the body is unable to produce them
2 – essential amino acids that the body can not produce them and must get into the body by eating food.

Some amino acids play an important role in increasing the power of concentration and memory, including: glutamate, aspartate, phenylalanine, tyrosine, GABA, and … These amino acids are abundant in plant and animal proteins.
Proteins break down and burn it.

In a perfect diet food for about 15% of calories from protein in the body should be provided daily.


These proteins, which are made from animal products for the body to digest significant time and energy is consumed. However, the digestion of the proteins, considerable waste as uric acid, urea and … Produced. These proteins include red meat, high fat dairy products and …

Early protein digestion

These categories contain more vegetable proteins are proteins that, unlike the previous batch is easier to digest.
These proteins include white meats like chicken and fish (especially fish), egg white, soy, legumes (such as lentils, peas, beans), whole grains, low-fat dairy products, vegetable marrow (such as walnuts, almonds , hazelnuts, pistachios) and …. .

is to provide all essential amino acids the body., for example cereals with legumes such as lentils eaten with rice, beans, rice, bread, baked beans and .

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