Dietary fiber

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Dietary fiber

the importance of fiber to your diet. Fiber not only helps bowel movements, but research has shown that lowering cholesterol has an important role. Even fiber in the food, the risk of colon cancer (colorectal cancer) decreases. Once you have fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains you eat, your body actually entered the fiber. Fibre is a type of carbohydrate is a (from complex carbohydrates). This type of carbohydrate is not digested, even blood can not be absorbed. Fiber in foods come from plants.

Fiber types:

Soluble fiber: As the name implies, are dissolved in water. This type of fiber can lower blood cholesterol. You can find soluble fiber in foods, these foods include barley, oats, citrus fruit and dried beans. Soluble fiber, can also help you lose weight because these types of food contain fiber, your fullness. If you are hungry and heavy and thus later.

Insoluble fibers include, vegetables, and whole shell is. This type of fiber for colon cancer (colorectal cancer) decreases. This type of fiber also helps prevent infection of the colon. Insoluble fiber is found in wheat bran, wheat bran, vegetables like cabbage, beets, broccoli, turnips and potatoes with the skin …. Exist.
Recent research has shown that a diet high in fiber will cure diabetes. Diabetics are at least 50 grams of fiber in their diet, there are 10 percent lower blood sugar levels. Also, diabetics who consume a lot of fiber, reduced blood insulin levels.
A high fiber diet has a beneficial effect on heartburn. As you know Bash stomach ulcers and heartburn can cause colon cancer. Health professionals to prevent heartburn and low-fat high-fiber diet is recommended to use.

The hazards of excessive consumption of dietary fiber:
Although a high-fiber diet could prevent many diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome is said, but much of it can be harmful.
If you have too much dietary fiber can cause diarrhea and bloating are.

The fiber found in various foods:
As mentioned, nutritious meals for health, with 2/5 to 5 grams are fiber.

The following foods contain at least 5 grams of fiber are:
Oats and oat bran – beans and baked beans – Chickpeas – Lentils – wheat flour – Dates – Pears – Plums – Spinach – Spaghetti and minced – Broccoli – Peaches –

The following foods 2 to 4/9 g fiber:
Mixed vegetables – strawberries – carrots – potatoes with skins – Corn – Rice – Fig – apple with skin – orange – popcorn – apple sauce – tomato soup – wheat bread – Pistachio – Peanuts – Celery

The following foods contain little fiber are:
Grape – Lemon – no bran cereals – barley cakes or pastries – lettuce – apples without skin

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