natural diuretics

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natural diuretics

Diuretics are used to increase our urine, are used in people who have kidney problems, liver disease, heart failure can also be high blood pressure, these symptoms do you retain fluid, diuretics also serve to lose weight, today I will talk about natural diuretics.

Natural diuretics our food

One way to avoid the swelling that is caused by PMS have to stop ingesting sodium or minimize it.

Some foods diuretics have alcohol and caffeine is not good consume too much. Natural diuretics are onion, celery, asparagus, eggplant, cucumber, watercress, artichoke, brucella sprouts, onions, garlic, tomatoes and lettuce.

There diuretic fruits such as: melon, juniper berries, watermelon, orange, grapefruit and cranberry juice.

Herbs natural diuretic

There are many diuretic herbs such as corn silk, parsley, juniper, hawthorn, which are the best known. Another of the more famous are lime, dandelion and nettle. Ginger which can be used as seasoning in food and as a herb, which is a very strong natural diuretic.

Another very effective herbs are bearberry or uva ursi, besides having diuretic properties are antiseptic, also used for kidney infections.

Bugleweed also a diuretic, it is used when fluid retention is linked to heart problems, if fluid retention is caused by kidney problems or kidney disease, you should use parietaria also a diuretic that is used lot of bladder infections.

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