To combat cystitis, cranberries or antibiotics?

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To combat cystitis, cranberries or antibiotics?

The recurrent cystitis can really ruin your life … To prevent them, is it better to use antibiotics or cranberries? I doctissimo account.

How to fight cystitis?
Crowd of women suffer from cystitis regularly, not knowing how to end … Our tips.

Faced with urinary tract infections, cranberries
What woman has not ever experienced the typical hassles of a urinary tract infection? It is estimated that one in two women will be a victim of cystitis over your life. Thus, we should not trivialize the pain they cause and the fact that typically recur.

We must distinguish between repetitive cystitis (less than four per year) and recurrent (more than four per year). If the frequency is excesisva, infection may alter the quality of life of the sufferer. In these cases there are several healthy steps that can be taken:

Adopting hygienic-dietetic habits: drink plenty of fluids, around a liter and a half per day; urinate every three hours, wear loose clothing and cotton underwear, and reduce constipation by eating a diet rich in fiber.
Limiting the aggravating factors: constipation, hygiene in excess or defect, spermicides …
Beyond these measures, we recommend taking cranberry juice during meals. Its regular use provides good protection Cons bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Cranberries contain flavonoids, and proanthocyanidins antocianes, they would be able to stick to some bacteria Escherichia coli, responsible for cystitis. As a result, these impossibilities bacteria would adhere to the cells of the bladder and cause infection. Unable to anchor, are eliminated by natural means. But in terms of prevention, are the blueberries as effective as antibiotics?

Antibiotics or Cranberry
Many studies have led to affirm that cranberries reduce the frequency of cystitis in women between 30 and 40. But after 50 it was impossible to confirm the virtues of these fruits. To learn more Scottish team compared the effectiveness of cranberries with antibiotic treatment in small doses provided long-term preventive. The study involved 137 women over 45 years and with more than two urinary tract infections during the previous year. One group took 500 milligrams of cranberry extract for six months and the other 100 mg of trimethoprim (antibiotic effective against bacteria associated with these infections) during the same period. During the study, 39 women suffered cystitis (25 belonging to the group of blueberries and 14 belonging to the antibiotic), with terms substantially similar recurrence (84.5 and 91 days, respectively). Women who dropped out were more which were treated with antibiotics (11 vs. 6 blueberries group). In both groups were involved bacteria Escherichia coli. According to the investigators, in terms of effective antibiotics have a slight advantage over cranberry extract, but have more side effects.

Besides being natural and cost less, cranberry reduce the likelihood of recurrence of bacteria resistant to antibiotics and no side effects of the antibiotics, such as the intestinal or vaginal fungal infection (mycosis) or rare but feared colitis pseudomembranous produced by the bacterium Clostridium difficile, which causes inflammation of the colon and causes diarrhea.

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