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Birdseed for esophageal cancer

Allied health major that have been discovered. If a common “bird food”, has become a great home remedy that offers excellent properties of all kinds, being highly valued to help you lose the weight. But, of course,-and this is very important-always talking about their version fit for human consumption. In the comments of the article […]

Eat a rainbow

Eat a rainbow ❥ ➥ ❥ dine in a beautiful rainbow of fruits and vegetables , nutritionists like to remind us , and we will complete spectrum of nature net health promoting nutrients . ❥ 05 blues and purples EXAMPLES: acai berries, black currants, Black salsify , blackberries , blueberries , eggplant , grapes , […]

To clear the lungs.

    1– broccoli is good for cleaning the lungs 2-Eating chili peppers – For various forms of chronic bronchitis and lung infections chili helpful. Kapsi spicy chili in the matter of the mouth and tongue and throat Apr plant in rows drugs bust has ruby red pepper called natural oxytocin. Chili is eaten so […]

Magical Health Benefits ” garlic

1) Anti-Cancer : Garlic helps to prevent cancer , especially of the digestive system , prevents certain tumors grow larger and reduces the size of certain tumors . This remarkable little bulb now tops the list of the American National Cancer Institute cancer prevention potential food . Contains several anticancer compounds and antioxidants , with […]


Kidney stones ( calculi ureteral ) result from stones or renal calculi ( from Latin s , Renes , ” kidney ” and calculus , ” stones ” ) in the ureter . The stones are solid concretions or calculi ( crystal aggregations ) formed in the kidneys from dissolved urinary minerals . Urolithiasis refers […]


Fennel and is a vegetable that can be eaten as a vegetable in salads or various preparations, is a plant which can produce an infusion. This form of consumption, can benefit for the treatment of various conditions, such as stomach ache or belly. The stomach or belly pain is very annoying and is accompanied by […]

Natural Scrub for the body

You know what is a natural exfoliant for the body ? For just as the scrubs for the face : deep cleanse the skin, remove impurities and clogged pores , rejuvenate and give a better overall look . However, natural body scrubs are those great unknown by many , but are necessary if the skin […]


The increase in fluid pressure inside the eye (intraocular pressure) and optic nerve damage, “black water” or “glaucoma (glaucoma)” call. This condition, if untreated, can cause loss of vision, but with early detection and proper treatment, in most cases we can prevent blindness and low vision. The optic nerve consists of nerve fibers to all […]


The quality of its fatty acids help reduce the risk of circulation problems, stroke and various types of cardiovascular problems. Pipes or sunflower seeds for its high potassium and magnesium content make them indispensable in the diet of all athletes to improve performance and reduce injury. Its high levels of phosphorus and magnesium also promote […]

Remedies for stomach pain

When boiling water any plant for good infusion, it is recommended to take it, either warm or hot, slowly, sip by sip in, which gives a better effect. Among the best known home remedies to prevent or relieve uncomfortable stomach pains, here are five great tips: 1 – Make a decoction of 30 grams of […]

Herbal medicinal

    A good herbal liver cleanse   Chicory ( natural cold and wet ) It also Darayasr diuretics can relieve constipation , sweating in the treatment of liver disease and the effect of clearing toxins. 1 cup per day ***************   Sweat ( natural cooling ) Sweat therapy is also helpful in protecting the […]

Home Remedies for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is an acute or chronic inflammatory process of the sinuses which are the hollows in the bone that leads to the nose , this process may occur after an infection of the throat or ears , even after a bad cold so which can lead to improper drainage thereof. Sinusitis is less common in […]

Foods that fight wrinkles

The ideal foods to keep skin younger longer are:Avocado fruit rich in Vitamin E , antioxidant and protector before outsidersCauliflower , broccoli , radish … in general all cruciferous because they promote the care of the toxins and the Enzinas intact .Ginger essential . It is an ally of the circulatory system , one of […]