Birdseed for esophageal cancer

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Allied health major that have been discovered. If a common “bird food”, has become a great home remedy that offers excellent properties of all kinds, being highly valued to help you lose the weight. But, of course,-and this is very important-always talking about their version fit for human consumption.

In the comments of the article on bird seed cookies, a discussion started about the chances of getting cancer by taking birdseed. While there is no guarantee for sure, eating birdseed for birds, the easier it gets, it could be harmful to humans. Is that the seeds have a micro hairs that cover, which is silica fiber.

Silica fiber is precisely that esophageal cancer may develop long-term, which is why you should ignore it and opt for a silica fiber free version. That is, fit for human consumption. This variety of millet is not as easy to get. Still, it is increasingly expanded and can be purchased easily online.

Beyond that, the birdseed human consumption has virtually contraindications. When eating birdseed is always good to choose milk as a healthy choice to drink, mostly for those who have digestive problems with seeds in general.

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