Eat a rainbow

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Eat a rainbow ❥ ➥ ❥ dine in a beautiful rainbow of fruits and vegetables , nutritionists like to remind us , and we will complete spectrum of nature net health promoting nutrients .

❥ 05 blues and purples
EXAMPLES: acai berries, black currants, Black salsify , blackberries , blueberries , eggplant , grapes , plums , prunes, raisins

ADVANTAGES AND NUTRIENTS : These foods are good for urinary tract health and memory function . Also healthy aging and healthy lungs . Reduce the risk of some cancers. Fruits shaded blue, purple and vegetables to improve health adds flavonoids , phytochemicals and antioxidants.
Contain nutrients including lutein, zeaxanthin , resveratrol , vitamin C , fiber , flavonoids, ellagic acid , quercetin, and . Like the above nutrients , these nutrients support the health of the retina, to reduce LDL cholesterol , increase immune system activity , support healthy digestion , improve the absorption of calcium and other minerals , to combat inflammation , reduce tumor growth, acts as an anti-cancer in the digestive tract , and the limit of cells.Blueberries cancer activity , in particular, contain high amounts of vitamin C , folic acid, potassium and fiber.

The nutrients found in blue and purple

– Good Sources : purple cauliflower, purple cabbage
– Benefits : Derivatives of sulfur compounds in cruciferous vegetables , they can slow the metabolism of carcinogens.
– Cooking Tip : Steam cauliflower : Probably the best preparation to retain indoles . Mix the chopped kale with olive oil and avocado puree .

Two . Ellagic Acid :
– Good Sources : berries
– Benefits : The phytochemical can decrease the effect of estrogen in promoting breast cancer cell growth.
– Cooking Tip : Keep frozen berries on hand for smoothies . For a spritzer , mash and top with soda water .

Three . Anthocyanins :
– Good Sources : red cabbage , eggplant , grapes , berries
– Benefits : These antioxidants improve brain function and balance, and can reduce the risk of cancer , stroke and heart disease .
– Cooking Tip : Try swapping in finely chopped cabbage for your typical green salad and mix with avocado and red onion .

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