Foods that fight wrinkles

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The ideal foods to keep skin younger longer are:
Avocado fruit rich in Vitamin E , antioxidant and protector before outsiders
Cauliflower , broccoli , radish … in general all cruciferous because they promote the care of the toxins and the Enzinas intact .
Ginger essential . It is an ally of the circulatory system , one of the most common problems in older people that promote aging.
Garlic is the best friend of the heart. Garlic feeding heart rate and promotes the functioning of the heart, thus pumping blood and the cholesterol level will be regular , not favoring the accumulation of fat in the body and therefore the skin.
Nuts and generally nuts, because they are an important source of minerals like magnesium , zinc , potassium , selenium and copper.
Soy estrogen regulator excellence
Watermelon , including seeds are a source of natural skin hydration , favoring the brightness and smoothness of the same .
Tips to prevent wrinkles
In addition to incorporating these anti -aging foods in your diet , tamibĂ©n can take some natural remedies for wrinkles with vitamins or components that many brands of face creams claim as “exclusive” :
Intensify the use of antioxidants . Generally rich foods boost vitamins A, C and E. For example, vitamin A or retinol most famous is one of the major compounds are creams and protective cells which generate collagen , one of the ingredients present in these ” potion ” announcing day. And drinks like green tea antioxidants to clean impurities from the skin.
Include Omega 3 in our diet , oily fish and foods rich in these fatty acids on cardiovascular system .
Take minerals major to reduce wrinkles is selenium and then copper. We can get them eating tuna, walnuts, salmon …
Make bath face with witch hazel extract . A plant highly recommended for wrinkle reduction , removal of eye bags … is rich in vegetable glycerin , so that helps skin look naturally. Boil with water and plant leaves , strain and bathrooms are on the face.
Use sunscreen to prevent wrinkles appear the skin suffering
Sleep well , the skin needs rest. When we sleep secrete HGH , growth hormone , which is responsible for skin regeneration
Enjoy life and be happy is key , skin transmits it all .

These are natural tricks , food and medicine to delay the onset of wrinkling , maintain a balanced diet and protect our skin from daily attacks . And we end with a reflection. Much better to live long enough to have wrinkles, which are nothing more than a reflection of our lives and experiences , to live a misfortune that prevents us from reaching it.

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