Natural Scrub for the body

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You know what is a natural exfoliant for the body ? For just as the scrubs for the face : deep cleanse the skin, remove impurities and clogged pores , rejuvenate

and give a better overall look . However, natural body scrubs are those great unknown by many , but are necessary if the skin of our body is usually covered

and receive far fewer attacks than the face.

How to use a body scrub

The natural exfoliant for the body cleanses the skin in depth and stimulates the lymphatic system , need to have a strong immune system . It also soothes the

skin, hydrates , detoxifies , is why I should be done once every two weeks , before showering . For best results you can leave for a few minutes before rinsing

off in the shower.

Once you have your scrub , you apply it on the skin with a gentle massage , without pressure . The movements must be circular and small, always in the direction towards the heart .

The scrub is the prelude to any other skin treatment from a simple hydration to bathrooms and specific treatments – for example, for varicose veins .

Never Do not apply the body scrub on the face or neck, as it is too abrasive. Nor in the soles of the feet if oily , as it can be slippery . Another place where it

should not be used on the genitals and breasts, in the case of women.

Homemade scrubs recipes

Exfoliation with salt

The salt peels need sea salt or Epsom, a thick liquid and essence. Try a mixture of a cup of olive oil, a cup of sea salt, a tablespoon of lemon oil and two drops of

essential oil of grape – must be applied on wet skin .

If you want a simpler option mix half a cup of honey with half of sea salt, and put a few drops of rosemary oil , lavender , mint or basil .

Exfoliation with sugar

These scrubs can be made with white sugar or blonde. You can try a half cup of sugar, half coconut oil and half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

If you want to make a nice gift , you can make a scrub by mixing a cup of coconut oil with a red rose petals , add a half cup of sugar and a tablespoon of

almond or jojoba oil . Leave it for a few days before use. When you are going to use all the ingredients mix well .

Salt and sugar scrubs

To make a scrub super strong mix half a cup of sea salt , half brown sugar , and add a quarter cup of olive oil and a few drops of orange essential oil .

It is ideal as it does not need to moisturize after since the olive oil leaves it well moisturized.

Scrubs with coffee

The coffee scrubs acquire the many benefits of caffeine , which helps to awaken and rejuvenate the skin . To do mixture quarter cup of olive oil , a tablespoon

of vanilla extract , one cup of sugar , half a cup of used coffee grounds and fifteen drops of peppermint essential oil

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