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The quality of its fatty acids help reduce the risk of circulation problems, stroke and various types of cardiovascular problems.

Pipes or sunflower seeds for its high potassium and magnesium content make them indispensable in the diet of all athletes to improve performance and reduce injury.

Its high levels of phosphorus and magnesium also promote good brain function.

Of course its high vitamin E content makes them highly recommended to nourish the skin as it is also an antioxidant.

Sunflower seeds for their calcium content should be borne in mind by those who can not or will not take milk. Ideal too as for athletes, children, pregnant women and people with decalcification or osteoporosis.

Tradition says that the gypsies are very fertile because they eat a lot of sunflower seeds. The truth is that they are very rich in vitamin E which is involved in the processes of fertility.

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