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Fennel and is a vegetable that can be eaten as a vegetable in salads or various preparations, is a plant which can produce an infusion. This form of consumption, can benefit for the treatment of various conditions, such as stomach ache or belly.

The stomach or belly pain is very annoying and is accompanied by a number of symptoms, such as heartburn or bloating. If this problem occurs with some frequency you, and want to treat it naturally, you can find fennel tea in a natural remedy and home.

Fennel has properties that favor digestion and reduce gas formation. The latter can be a cause of stomach pain. These benefits are transferred to your infusion if you elaborate properly. It uses 5 grams. of nuts per cup of water. It is suggested you consume 2 cups per day.

Another way to exploit the properties of fennel is combining it with other herbs. To achieve this, mix one teaspoon of lime leaves, fennel, yarrow and sage. Boil them and let stand for 20 minutes. After this time, filter and drink 2 cups a day.

The organic compound responsible fennel properties to reduce bellyache is histidine. A vasodilator substance that stimulates the production of gastric juices, improving digestion, especially of certain nutrients such as fats.

If you have stomach problems, you can have this infusion of fennel, a natural remedy that can complement medical treatment.

Remember that, for these symptoms need you resort to the doctor to establish the real cause of your tummy ache.

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