To clear the lungs.

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1– broccoli is good for cleaning the lungs

2-Eating chili peppers – For various forms of chronic bronchitis and lung infections chili helpful. Kapsi spicy chili in the matter of the mouth and tongue and throat Apr plant in rows drugs bust has ruby red pepper called natural oxytocin. Chili is eaten so that your stomach are stimulated to Mark your bronchial cells that secrete a liquid that causes it to become thinner and less sticky and lungs and throat are mixing and the mixing can be easily removed.
Research shows that eating red pepper is useful in preventing the onset of chronic bronchitis also helps patients can easily tolerate it. Swedish researchers at the Laboratory Animal Research shows that taking away the Kapsi spicy reduce damage to sensitive parts of the lungs and bronchial cells and bronchial contractions reduces the effects of smoking created to meet . This may be explained by the pepper for patients with asthma and other respiratory tract may contribute to patient discomfort (of course if you have allergies and asthma is allergic asthma.) Are chili that clears the sinuses and the common cold It is also helpful.


3 – 7 garlic in the 1 large glass of milk on the boil for 15 minutes, then remove the garlic and drink a this glass of warm milk 2 times a week for 4 weeks, repeat the


4- Daily drink a glass of pomegranate juice is beneficial


5- The inside of a turnip, ginger lemon and honey pour a little empty at the door, wrap them in foil packets and an overnight stay next morning drink the water in the turnip

6- Grapefruit juice

7-  wines

8- Mint

9- Water Cress


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