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Benefits and vitamins from the pineappleThiamine is one

Benefits and vitamins from the pineappleThiamine is one of the B vitamins found in pineapple. Thiamine is vitamin B1 and is used in chemical reactions for energy. Vitamin B1 helps the body break down the molecules produced by the intake of carbohydrates. Thiamine is obtained from pineapple is absorbed in the intestine. Shortly after that […]

Vitamin E, also known Tocopherol is a fat

Vitamin E, also known Tocopherol is a fat soluble vitamin that enters the body through a large amount of food. Have important functions in the body such as fertility and tissue formation. Being fat-soluble, vitamin E dissolves in oils and fats and consumed through foods high in fat. Fat-soluble vitamins accumulate in the body so […]

Vitamins orange juiceOrange juice 100% natural offers a

Vitamins orange juiceOrange juice 100% natural offers a variety of vitamins and minerals and is free from fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol and added sugars. Because orange juice is healthy, naturally sweet with no added sugar, is one of the most popular drinks. Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants and helps maintain […]

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VITAMIN B IS FOR “EXPEDITE” NEURONSOther beneficial substances

VITAMIN B IS FOR “EXPEDITE” NEURONS Other beneficial substances are the vitamins of group B. They are essential for age-related pathologies, help preserve the functions of the mind and prevent memory loss. According says Carlos E. Rodriguez, “all B vitamins involved in nerve function. Specifically, vitamin B12, with the inclusion of cobalt in the formula, […]

Foods to lower cholesterolA substance that is part

Foods to lower cholesterol A substance that is part of our body is cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol exists, that accumulates causing damage and the good HDL cholesterol. The problem is when we started to connect the bad cholesterol in our arteries, it can cause our cardiovascular system diseases. There are methods to lower cholesterol, the best […]

MANUAL of each juice and their disease ..ACNE

MANUAL of each juice and their disease .. ACNE Decrease intake of fat, custard, chocolate and skim milk. Use: * 450 ml of carrot MORE one of the following: + Spinach 175 ml, 100 ml of lettuce. + 275 ml and 175 ml carrot spinach. + 175 ml of asparagus. ALLERGY The sensitivity to various […]

RED FRUITS AND VEGETABLESThey are very rich in

RED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES They are very rich in vitamin C, which helps stimulate cell renewal in the body.Phytochemicals in red foods are carotenoids and anthocyanins. One of the most abundant carotenoid is lycopene. Lycopene helps reduce free radical damage in the body and also prevents heart disease, cancer, prostate problems, and reduces skin damage […]

Nutritional benefits of pitahayaIts origin dates back to

Nutritional benefits of pitahaya Its origin dates back to colonial times where the Spanish conquistadors found in central America, more precisely in Mexico or South America and Colombia. There are different varieties of pitaya is why we find in diversoscoloresy sizes, but commonly traded in Europe is reddish from Vietnam. Regarding the nutritional value estafrutano […]

Twenty types of food we can refer you

Twenty types of food we can refer you to prevent your blood sugar to rise. AppleMost nutritionists will advise you on your diet include apples because apples are very low calorie and high fiber front of it is hunger. Apple is also an enemy of bad cholesterol and reduce blood sugar levels. AvocadoAvocado fruit, rich […]

Nutritional properties of WalnutsWalnut consumption may reduce risk of

Nutritional properties of Walnuts Walnut consumption may reduce risk of diabetes, type 2 diabetes,eat in monthly 220 g There is omega-3 and omega-6 in the anti-diabetic Walnut has the highest concentration of antioxidants It is very effective in reducing the risk of heart attack and cancer Dry walnut, nature is hot and dry, while the properties […]

Muscle cramps or spasmsThe vast majority of people

Muscle cramps or spasms The vast majority of people have ever suffered from a sudden, involuntary and uncontrollable muscle pain known as cramps or spasms. Usually, the cramps are related to loss of fluids and minerals (potassium, magnesium and calcium) by constant vomiting or diarrhea, or heavy sweating during exercise. Although muscle cramps can also […]

Health benefits of green tea:Tooth decay:Green tea extract

Health benefits of green tea: Tooth decay: Green tea extract has antibacterial and plaque and prevents tooth decay. Protect the Heart Scientists have identified a chemical in green tea that is effective in protecting the heart against damage. Experts’ British Institute of Child Health, “the study failed to  identify a chemical compound called green tea”Tuesday  “which can […]

Stomach acheStomach pain is defined as a vague,

Stomach ache Stomach pain is defined as a vague, inaccurate or discomfort in the stomach. Common causes an occasional stomachache can be: Origin nervousPlentiful food consumptionExcessive Alcohol consumptionFood PoisoningInfection. Usually the symptoms of stomach pain are: Pain or discomfortNauseaFeeling of fullness or heavinessHowever, it is important to note that a constant and intense stomach pain […]

Apricot source of beta-caroteneAmong vegetables, carrots beta-carotene has

Apricot source of beta-carotene Among vegetables, carrots beta-carotene has the highest fruits, apricots is like this. No other fruit is the size of beta carotene. Carotenoids and vitamin A precursor beta carotene than those of the body. As an antioxidant, helps protect the body from free radical damage. Recently, it has been proven that many […]

Mamey PropertiesThe fruit is ovoid, about 15 cm

Mamey Properties The fruit is ovoid, about 15 cm in diameter, greenish bark, leathery, thin, it comes off easily, with salmon flesh, very sweet, pink flowers, the tree can reach 30 m high with the cup pyramidal dense and grayish-brown crust of a scaly rough or cracked, the opposing sheets, simple elliptical, rounded 15 to […]