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The impact of nutrition on cholesterol control

The impact of nutrition on cholesterol control Risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack can bring about changes that lower blood cholesterol levels, respectively. The essential point is that for every one percent reduction in blood cholesterol, risk of heart disease decreases. For example, 5.2 percent lower blood cholesterol levels can reduce the risk of […]

Amino acids and Proteins

Amino acids and Proteins Histidine Histidine protein has a critical role in the metabolic process. The amino acid levels in the urine indicates the overall status of the musculoskeletal system. Low levels of histidine is in close contact with rheumatoid arthritis. Arginine Athletes of the widely arginine as a growth hormone releasing substance that its usefulness […]

8 Myths about cellulite in the skin

  1. Cellulite is simply fat False. Cellulite is mainly the result of poor circulation of the blood and drain. Bad circulation occurs when we took a sedentary lifestyle. If we take care of the weight and move a bit, the blood circulation is activated. Two. Cellulite is hereditary True. As some families are susceptible […]

Cayenne pepper – A full stimulating

Cayenne pepper – A full stimulating The cayenne pepper is highly coveted because of its legendary healing properties, intensely exotic flavor and magical property to promote a state of intense health. Additionally culinary uses this chili make it appropriate to maintain a good health without feeling like you’re taking medicine. Cayenne pepper is known among […]

Star anise

Star anise Chinese star anise star anise from China also called species is very similar to anise known mostly. Scientifically called Illicium verum, is a tree whose fruit is in the form of stars and harvested before ripening. Chinese star anise is highly coveted by contain shikimic acid, the main component of the antiviral drug […]

Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcer

Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcer Peptic ulcer is the loss of tissue in a digestive system that comes into contact with hydrochloric acid and pepsin, generally tends to appear in the duodenum which is known duodenal ulcer, can also appear on the lower end esophagus and stomach which is known as Gastric Ulcer. Peptic Ulcer, […]

10 Home Remedies for Colitis

10 Home Remedies for Colitis Inflammation of the large intestine or colon causes many physical ailments and diminishes the quality of life for people who have it.  1. – Aloe Vera: The juice of this plant helps heal the lining of the colon  2-. – Flaxseed: Put to soak flax seeds in a cup of […]

Garlic tea

Garlic tea A well-known immune system strengthener, garlic is antibacterial and antiviral and is great for fighting colds, coughs and flu. One of the best ways to take advantage of the healing properties of garlic is drinking tea from fresh garlic. If you prefer a little sweetened with raw honey. It’s delicious and helps heal […]

Treat hypertension with olives

Treat hypertension with olives For contralateral hypertension requires changes in lifestyle and not farmocologicas measures, for example should suprimerse foods with high salt content are also needed food diets to help us control blood pressure levels, these foods are olives or olives. Olives are able to cash dilate the veins and arteries so blood thus […]

natural diuretics

natural diuretics Diuretics are used to increase our urine, are used in people who have kidney problems, liver disease, heart failure can also be high blood pressure, these symptoms do you retain fluid, diuretics also serve to lose weight, today I will talk about natural diuretics. Natural diuretics our food One way to avoid the […]

Human papillomavirus: portrait of an invisible enemy

Human papillomavirus: portrait of an invisible enemy Research over the past few years have allowed to establish a relationship between cervical cancer and human papillomavirus, sexually transmitted virus. Currently, it is estimated that almost all cases of this type of cancer are associated with these viruses. We look closely at this tiny enemy with Dr. […]

What is septicemia?

What is septicemia? It is a generalized infection caused by a germ that spreads throughout the body. It is always a serious disease and can be fatal if untreated. Sepsis is associated with the passage of large amounts of germs and repeated throughout the body, starting in a local infection. It takes place generally from […]

To combat cystitis, cranberries or antibiotics?

To combat cystitis, cranberries or antibiotics? The recurrent cystitis can really ruin your life … To prevent them, is it better to use antibiotics or cranberries? I doctissimo account. How to fight cystitis? Thinkstock Crowd of women suffer from cystitis regularly, not knowing how to end … Our tips. Faced with urinary tract infections, cranberries […]

Trichomoniasis: Symptoms and Treatment

Trichomoniasis: Symptoms and Treatment Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that affects many women each year. It is caused by a single-celled protozoan parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. This infection affects the entire urogenital tract and the site of infection is the most common penile urethra and vagina. Symptoms of trichomoniasis Trichomoniasis: Symptoms and Treatment Thinkstock […]

Diarrhea Remedies

Diarrhea Remedies Diarrhea can also be caused by various factors, including overeating, a virus, ingestion of spoiled food or stress. If symptoms should see a doctor. But there are some home remedies for diarrhea that can be used for minor cases. If we consider that the cause is being eaten spoiled food, you can take […]

Walnuts for prostate cancer

Walnuts for prostate cancer Scientists at the University of California-Davis have shown for the first time that walnuts reduce the size and growth rate of prostate cancer in animals. The results of their study have been made public during the national meeting of the American Chemical Society being held this week in San Francisco (USA). […]

Infectious mononucleosis: The kissing disease

Infectious mononucleosis: The kissing disease Fatigue, fever, no appetite, swollen glands in the neck, armpits and English … If you have all or some of these symptoms, you may be developing “the kissing disease”, a contagious infection of little importance in adolescence. Teens frontline Benign in the vast majority of cases Patience Infectious mononucleosis © […]

Hair Benefits of Corn (Corn)

Hair Benefits of Corn (Corn) Maize is the most popular food in the world, yet not all know of the great medicine that is the hair of corn. It has been used in herbal medicine for many years and is preferably taken in teas, and the main benefits is for the urinary system, protects the […]

Remove stains from face

Remove stains from face There are many causes that can cause stains on the skin or face. Such as acne, UV rays produced by the sun, allergies or hormonal changes. These spots often we generate insecurity and prevents us from socializing with others. Luckily there are different types of solutions to this problem. How to […]

The 3 Home Remedies Abdominal Fat Burning and Body

The 3 Home Remedies Abdominal Fat Burning and Body We constantly look Fat Burning Home Remedies quickly, since we find it necessary to reduce those extra pounds in the abdominal region, often acquired in the middle of last summer vacation, and subsequently kept as fat. Well, the best way to remove these extra pounds, is […]

The Super Effective Natural Juices To Burn Burn Fat quickly

The Super Effective Natural Juices To Burn Burn Fat quickly When looking to lose weight and burn fat in our body there are several methods you can use. Among these methods are the Natural Juices To Burn Fat which are very simple to prepare and can be also a delicious food to eat. Now if […]

Cinnamon and Honey – Benefits to be run together

Cinnamon and Honey – Benefits to be run together Heart Disease Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder, apply on bread every morning, instead of jam and eat it regularly as part of breakfast. This will reduce the cholesterol in the arteries and saves the patient from heart attack. Also, those who have already […]

Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Diet What is it and what are its types? Diabetes mellitus or diabetes results from the body’s inability to produce or use insulin appears. Insulin is a substance produced in the body by the pancreas gland, causing blood sugar to be used, and the main source of energy in the body. How to control […]

The impact of nutrition on high blood pressure control

The impact of nutrition on high blood pressure control Obesity is clearly associated with hypertension. This problem is common in young overweight and obese, 50 percent more than doubled in elderly people with normal weight. For every 10 percent increase in men’s weight, blood pressure of 6/6 mmHg is higher. Most people with hypertension have […]

Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber the importance of fiber to your diet. Fiber not only helps bowel movements, but research has shown that lowering cholesterol has an important role. Even fiber in the food, the risk of colon cancer (colorectal cancer) decreases. Once you have fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains you eat, your body actually entered the fiber. […]